Moises Carreon’s Research

Professor Moises Carreon’s research focuses on the rational design of advanced functional porous materials at different length scales, including zeolites, mixed metal oxides, metal organic frameworks, and porous organic cages for applications in molecular gas separations, heterogeneous catalysis, and gas storage. 

Moises Carreon is the head of the CBE Department DI&A Committee. He was recently promoted to Professor in spring 2020.  Dr. Carreon is also the youngest person to be awarded an honorary doctorate from Universidad Michoacana de San Nicolás de Hidalgo.

More information about Dr. Carreon can be found on his faculty page.


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“Prof. Carreon provides guidance that allows you to shape the direction of your project according to your passions and interests. I have had freedom to create, design, and build my thesis around topics that I believe are relevant and urgent. I have learned the skills required to become an independent researcher through Prof. Carreon’s hands-off but encouraging mentorship.”

Jimmy Crawford

“Working in Moises’ group I have experienced the freedom to explore research paths which interest me. His excitement with new data or the new fundamentals of your research motivates you to keep working through even when you hit a road block. He can be very hands on if you like, or hands off, whatever type of guidance you need he will always be available to you.  We work in a  team-based type of group, where every member is willing to provide feedback or assistance when you need it. We have lots of opportunities for productive collaborations with other schools such as CU Boulder, South Dakota School of Mines, Montana State University, and national labs such as Pacific Northwest National Laboratory. Overall I have thoroughly enjoyed my graduate research experience, and stayed to do my postdoctoral research here.”

Jolie Lucero

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