Anuj Chauhan’s Research

Professor Anuj Chauhan’s research focuses on the transport and interfacial phenomena in a broad range of biomedical applications with a strong focus on ophthalmology. They are working in a number of areas including ophthalmic drug delivery, designing lubricious contact lenses, modeling ocular physiology, developing preservative free multi-dose eye-drops, understanding tear film drainage and breakup.

Anuj Chauhan joined the department in August 2019. Previously he was a professor at the University of Florida since 2001.

More information about Dr. Chauhan can be found on his faculty page.


To learn more about Dr. Chauhan’s research group, visit his Google Citations Page.

“In our lab, we work on novel drug delivery systems, especially for ophthalmic applications. On a daily basis, we synthesize materials such as hydrogels or microparticles for drug delivery and characterize these systems using UV-Vis spectroscopy, Dynamic Light Scattering, and High Performance Liquid Chromatography and other equipment. We also focus on modeling of drug release kinetics to verify and analyze our results. Everyone in the lab gets along well and can help each other. Dr. Chauhan is a supportive advisor and is always able to be contacted for additional help.”

Olivia Lanier

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