Carolyn Koh’s Research

William K. Coors Distinguished Professor Carolyn Koh’s research focuses on advancing our understanding of the nucleation, crystallization, and agglomeration mechanisms for natural gas hydrates. The results will have immediate relevance to flow assurance in gas/oil flowlines, and energy transportation and storage. Specifically the hydrates group is aiming to (a) develop molecular-scale models of the aqueous structures which occur in solution immediately prior to and during the growth of gas hydrates, (b) investigate the effects of inhibitor and promoter molecules on these local structures, and, (c) using these data, identify possible pathways which may occur in the process of hydrate formation. 

Carolyn Koh was Interim Department Head before Department Head Anuj Chauhan joined in August 2019. Dr. Koh leads one of the largest research groups in the department with more than 14 post-doctoral and graduate students as well some undergraduate researchers. In 2018, she was awarded a $1.5M DOE grant to develop pipeline coating.

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“Gas hydrates have a lot of potential… Research in gas hydrates is interdisciplinary, ranging from fundamental science to applied engineering knowledge. If researchers [in other fields] are aware of the research being done in gas hydrates, we can certainly work together to overcome the challenges.”

Ahmad Afif Abdul Majid

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