Stephanie Kwon’s Research

Assistant Professor Stephanie Kwon’s research focuses on understanding the identity and kinetic relevance of the requisite elementary steps involved in heterogeneous catalysis in order to ultimately design catalytic systems with improved reactivity and selectivity toward desired products. Such goal is achieved by rigorously combining atomic-level synthetic methods, characterization tools, and theoretical assessments, which allow us to understand and control catalytic reactions at a molecular-level. The results of the group’s projects will provide mechanistic insights into current catalytic systems and help to develop new catalysts with minimal energy requirements and environmental impacts.

Stephanie Kwon joined the department in spring 2020 after working as a postdoctoral fellow at the University of California, Berkeley. Her work there focused on understanding O2 activation routes on metal oxides that are essential for oxidation catalysis, including oxidative dehydrogenation of alkanes, alkenes and alkanols. Kwon’s PhD work focused on understanding the nature of active oxygen species during selective oxidation catalysis.

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“Dr. Kwon is an amazing mentor who pushes us to be critical, diligent, and creative researchers. I enjoy being part of this group because we utilize both experimental and computational methods to explore challenges in the catalytic field and support each other in our scientific endeavors while having fun in the process!”

Manasi Vyas

“Working in Dr. Kwon’s lab provides an unique experience of grad school to design my project and build up the experimental settings. I have learned a lot of skills to do research independently with Dr. Kwon’s patient and encouraging guidance. In our group, members have their own project and we always learn from each other!”

Yingxue Bian

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