David Marr’s Research


Professor David Marr’s research focuses on the controlled assembly of colloidal particles. To vary their structure and behavior, his group employs external fields, including applied time-varying electromagnetic, electric, and magnetic fields. Funded currently by the NIH, NSF and NASA, his group’s goal is the creation of technologically-relevant platforms including micron-scale colloidal-based devices and microbots for biomedical treatment.

David Marr was Department Head from 2010 to 2016. He was awarded with the 2020 Gaylord & Phyllis Weaver Distinguished Professorship. Dr. Marr has had a significant impact on the growth of the department over the years as a Department Head and mentor as he continues teaching and performing research.

More information about Dr. Marr can be found on his faculty page.


To learn more about Dr. Marr’s research group, visit https://moabc.org/

“The Marr lab is the intersection of science and creativity. Our projects require the synthesis of chemical, biological, and electrical engineering to innovate novel technologies with biomedical applications. Because of the multidisciplinary nature of the problems we explore, we often rely on custom-designed hardware and homebrewed software to advance our research. We have a lot of fun engineering new scientific toys while learning some practical hands-on skills. The best part: all this takes place under the experienced mentorship of Dr. Marr himself. Never will you find another advisor who cares more deeply about his students or strives as tirelessly for their success.”

Dante Disharoon

“When telling friends about my research in the Marr lab, I’ve frequently got a reply similar to, ‘Woah, you really do that? That’s, like, science fiction!’ Research in the Marr lab is at a cool intersection of biomedical, chemical, and biological engineering. You have the opportunity to be creative, build new things, discover, and solve problems every day.”

Coy Zimmermann

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