Ning Wu’s Research

Associate Professor Ning Wu’s research focus is in finding simple and elegant ways to precisely control the structures of materials at different length scales. Multi-scale hierarchical structures are found abundantly in nature for surprisingly different purposes. Our goal is to study and understand the fundamental principles of self- and guided- assembly of nano-“building blocks”, such as polymers, nanoparticles, cells, biomolecules, etc. Based on our understandings, we will then develop economic routes (by integrating both bottom-up and top-down methods) to fabricate organic-inorganic hybrid materials with both hierarchical structures and multiple functionalities. Those revolutionary materials will have impacts on the development of more efficient photovoltaics, photonic crystals, multi-functional and environmentally adaptive nanomotors, as well as biomedical diagnostic/therapeutic systems.

Ning Wu is the head of the graduate affairs committee and serves as each PhD student’s advisor during their first semester at Mines. In fall 2018, he was awarded NSF funding for research into a scalable microfluidics-based approach for manufacturing nanostructures.

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“We also have different collaborators from this department…other departments or even other universities. One of the coolest things in our lab is that every person takes care of different projects… colloidal particles and interfacial science is a very large area to research… we can learn from each other and that may give you a hint for getting another creative idea on your research.”

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