Nanette Boyle’s Research

Assistant Professor Nanette Boyle’s research focuses on using genome engineering approaches (synthetic biology, systems biology, and metabolic engineering) to design photosynthetic organisms capable of producing fuels, feedstocks, and fine chemicals in a sustainable way. 

Nanette Boyle was selected for the 2018 DOE Early Career Research Program.  In fall 2020, she was named the Scialog Fellow to participate in work on negative emissions science. Most recently, Dr. Boyle has won the 2020 Scialog Collaborative Innovation Award for her project, Solar-Augmented Direct Air Capture of Methane Using Methanotrophic Bacteria.

More information about Dr. Boyle can be found on her faculty page.

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“The Boyle lab lives at the intersection between systems biology, analytical chemistry and computational modeling, and every day is more interesting than the last. We tackle very unique problems in chemical engineering and employ such a wide range of both laboratory and computational tools. I have learned so much from Dr. Boyle and my lab mates, and it’s so exciting to come to work every day and contribute to the future of biotechnology.”

Darrian Newman

“I am truly grateful to be a member of the Boyle Lab. Our group has a cheerful culture that makes it effortless to come together, either to solve complex research challenges or celebrate the latest achievements of our group members. Nanette is an excellent advisor who doesn’t hesitate to stand up for her students or give them the support they need to be successful researchers.”

Cara Sake

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