Congratulations to Mines’ Bachelor of Science recipients of 2019! At the end of April, CBE students and faculty came together to celebrate the senior student accomplishments at the annual end of year BBQ, hosted by student AIChE volunteers and supported by a generous donation from Shell.

pic of senior BBQ     Tracy Gardner accepts award

At the event, the senior class granted humorous “senior superlative” awards to faculty and peers, including honors such as “Faculty Member Most Likely to be Mistaken for a Student” and “Student Mostly Likely to Smash the Patriarchy.” The awards came complete with creative prizes–ranging from the board game “Sorry!” to a whole rotisserie chicken.

     Dr. Kevin Cash receives an award from CBE seniors

The CBE Department also awarded graduating seniors including:

  • Outstanding Graduating Senior: Daniel Langemann
  • Outstanding Graduating Senior: Caelynn Rittenhouse
  • Selim Memorial: Grace Anderson
  • Selim Memorial: Brandon Bakka
  • Pearson Potential: Andrew Nagy
  • Pearson Potential: Logan Weinman
  • E-Days Senior Award: Jordan Sand
  • E-Days Senior Award: Chloe Archuleta
  • Harrison Hayes Award: Jordan Umrysh
  • Harrison Hayes Award: Kathleen Whalen

In addition to the department-issued awards, CBE seniors also received top university honors. Chloe Archuleta and Jordan Umrysh were recognized by the Colorado Engineering Council for “excellence in scholarship, high integrity, and general engineering ability,” with Archuleta receiving a silver award and Umrysh the certificate of merit. Grace Anderson was awarded the William D. Waltman Award, for “seniors who have consistently demonstrated the utmost integrity, scholarship, and citizenship in and outside of the classroom throughout their collegiate career.”

Students receive university awards

From left: CBE students Chloe Archuleta, Caelyn Rittenhouse, Daniel Langemann, Grace Anderson, and Jordan Umrysh are acknowledged at Mine’s senior award reception.