Jose Delgado

Chemical and Biological Engineering Research Faculty

Delgado, JoseJose G. Delgado-Linares
Research Associate Professor (CBE/Center for Hydrate Research)

Education: Chemical Engineer (2000), M.Sc. in Chemical Engineering (2006) and Ph.D.  in Applied Sciences (2012) from the University of The Andes (Venezuela). Post-doc in the Center for Hydrate Research, Colorado School of Mines (2012).

Research: Crude oil dehydration, gas hydrates, asphaltenes, emulsions.





Selected papers:

  • Davi Costa Salmin, Jose G. Delgado-Linares, David T. Wu, Luis E. Zerpa, Carolyn A. Koh. 2020. Hydrate Agglomeration in Crude Oil Systems in Which the Asphaltene Aggregation State is Artificially Modified. SPE Journal, 26(3): 1189-1199
  • Jose G. Delgado-Linares, Antonio Cárdenas, Nilo Morillo, Mairis Guevara, Johnny Bullón. 2019. Asphaltene Precipitation from Latin American Heavy Crude Oils. Effects of Solvent Aromaticity and Agitation on Particle Size Reduction. Journal of Dispersion Science and Technology, 40 (1): 74-81.
  • Jose G. Delgado-Linares, Jose G. Alvarado, Francia Vejar, Johnny Bullón, Ana M. Forgiarini, Jean L. Salager. 2016. Breaking of Water-in-Crude Oil Emulsions. 7. Demulsifier Performance at Optimum Formulation for Various Extended Surfactant Structures. Energy & Fuels, 30(9), 7065-7073.
  • Jose G. Delgado-Linares, Ahmad A. A. Majid, E. Dendy Sloan, Carolyn A. Koh, Amadeu K. Sum. 2013. Model water-in-oil emulsions for gas hydrates studies in oil continuous systems. Energy & Fuels,27 (8) : 4564-4573.