Joseph Samaniuk

Associate Professor, Chemical and Biological Engineering

Joseph SamaniukMy group investigates the dynamics of soft matter and complex fluids, which are critical to understand for many applications involving energy and the environment. For example, there are challenges associated with pumping, pouring, and mixing lignocellulosic biomass in processes designed to produce renewable fuels, chemicals, and composites. In addition to bulk rheological concerns, the dynamics of molecularly thin layers of material at a fluid interface, or interfacial rheology, impacts gas and oil recovery and generally governs the stability of foams, emulsions, and biological membranes.

Currently I am interested in the rheology of interfacial systems, where the interface between two fluids can be used as a construction site for advanced materials such as conductive thin films, and 2D polymer membranes. Interfacial rheology also plays an important role in energy recovery systems, and our investigations of the fundamentals underlying the dynamics of fluid-fluid interfaces helps to address real industrial challenges. Whether it is a bulk fluid, or a fluid interface, the group focuses on linking microstructure and material behavior; links that enable us to design new experimental methods for the laboratory, formulate novel advanced materials, and propose new strategies for solving important industrial problems.


425 Alderson Hall
1613 Illinois Street
Golden, CO 80401
Office: (303) 273-3790
FAX: (303) 273-3730

Research Group

  • Benjamin Appleby, BS Oregon State University
  • Shalaka Kale, BS Institute of Chemical Technology
  • Jessie Troxler, BS Tulane University
  • Amy Chacon

Samaniuk Research Group Website


  • BS, MS – Virginia Tech
  • PhD – University of Wisconsin, Madison
  • Post-Doctoral Study – ETH Zürich, Switzerland and KU Leuven, Belgium

Selected Publications

Honors & Awards

  • 2020 NSF CAREER Award
  • 2018 ACS PRF DNI Award