Kevin Cash’s Research

Assistant Professor Kevin Cash’s research focuses on developing molecular probes and sensor technologies in the biomedical field. 

Using nanosensors as a platform, his lab’s research is focused on three key projects to advance this field:

  1. Develop the approaches to better control nanosensor function and understand how to adapt nanosensors to measuring in the complicated physiological systems. 
  2. Use next generation imaging properties and tools to enable function in vivo through the reduction or elimination of biological background signals.
  3. Develop nanosensors for improved imaging in complex microbial communities (medical bacterial biofilms & environmental microbial consortia).

Kevin Cash teaches the highly acclaimed undergraduate course: Introduction to Brewing Science. He also recently received a 2020 NSF CAREER award.

More information about Dr. Cash can be found on his faculty page.


To learn more about Dr. Cash’s research group, visit

“Dr. Cash is definitely a great mentor. So far he has pushed me to become a better scientist and problem solver while also introducing me to all kinds of opportunities outside the university – things like fellowship options and virtual conferences.”

Tyler Sodia

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