Matthew Reese

Chemical and Biological Engineering Affiliate Faculty

Reese, MatthewOur research focuses on the device physics of nano- and micro-structured materials for energy applications, understanding interfacial roles and morphology in thin-film devices, lightweight/flexible packaging solutions, water vapor transmission measurement, and reliability mechanisms that can be addressed with a material and/or cell level understanding with a distinct focus on thin-film photovoltaics relevant systems. Material systems we study include cadmium telluride and metal halide perovskites. We synthesize these materials using a variety of vacuum and solution-based processing including sputtering, evaporation, close-space sublimation, vapor transport deposition, spin casting, and blade coating. To aid these efforts we often develop new measurement tools and methods.

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B.S. – Caltech
M.S., M. Phil. – Yale University
Ph.D. – Yale University