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We are excited about your interest in becoming an Oredigger, but more importantly a member of the CBE family! Whether you are thinking about pursuing a Master’s degree or PhD in Chemical and Biological Engineering, have applied to our program and are anxiously waiting to hear back about the status of your application or have already received an acceptance letter, we are here for you. This site offers an exploratory platform for prospective students to learn more about the department and what the Master’s and PhD programs have to offer.



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Faculty Research Laboratory Overview

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Dr. Sumit Agarwal

Solar Cells, Electronic Materials, Atomic Layer Processing

Dr. Nanette Boyle

Metabolic Engineering, Flux Analysis, Biofuels, Algae

Dr. Kevin Cash

Diagnostics, Sensing, Biomedical Engineering

Dr. Anuj Chauhan

Drug Delivery, Transport, Biomaterials

Dr. Matthew Crane

Nanomaterials, Plasmonics, Next-generation Energy and Computing

Dr. Nikki Farnsworth

Biomaterials, Type 1 Diabetes, Microscopy

Dr. Diego Gomez-Gualdron

Computational Design of Materials, Modeling in Energy Applications, Machine Learning

Dr. Andrew Herring

Polymer Electrolytes, Energy Conversion and Storage, Electrochemical Engineering

Dr. Carolyn Koh

Gas Hydrates in Flow Assurance, Energy Storage, CO2 Sequestration

Dr. Melissa Krebs

Biomaterials, Tissue Engineering, Drug Delivery

Dr. Ramya Kumar

Polymeric Biomaterials, Intracellular Nucleic Acid Delivery and Biointerfaces

Dr. Stephanie Kwon

Sustainable Energy, Heterogeneous Catalysis, Green Catalysis

Dr. David Marr

Biomedical Engineering, Microbots, Colloids

Dr. Alexander Pak

Molecular Dynamics, Self-Assembly, (Bioinspired) Molecular Engineering

Dr. Joseph Samaniuk

Fluid Dynamics, Fluid-Fluid Interfaces, 2D Particles

Dr. Amadeu Sum

Gas Hydrates, Flow Assurance, Molecular Simulation

Dr. Colin Wolden

Solar Cells, Next Generation Batteries, Catalytic Membrane Reactors

Dr. Ning Wu

Self- and Directed Assembly, Nanotechnology, Microrobot

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