Charles Vestal

Emeritus Teaching Associate Professor, Chemical and Biological Engineering

Charles VestalBeen there, done that, got the gold watch. I’m a retired oil industry researcher and manager and I have returned to my Alma Mater to help teach and train future Chemical Engineers. My industrial experience was in diverse areas such as petrochemical process and product development, mathematical modeling, geostatistics, computer programming and management. During my career I was granted 16 patents, published numerous internal reports and published 16 technical papers.

My academic interests include teaching pedagogy, thermodynamics, mathematical modeling and computer programming.


  • BS – Colorado School of Mines
  • MS – Colorado School of Mines
  • PhD – Colorado School of Mines
  • Registered Professional Engineer – State of Colorado

Selected Publications

  • M.W. Liberatore, C.R. Vestal, A.M. Herring, “YouTube Fridays: Student Led Development of Engineering Estimate Problems”, Advances in Engineering Education, Winter 2012.