Andrew Herring’s Research

Professor Andrew Herring’s research focuses on the area of energy or sustainability with a particular emphasis on Renewable Energy. His group works at the interface of materials science and chemical engineering and most of the work is collaborative in nature often with the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, also in Golden, or Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. Dr. Herring’s group focus in two sub-groups: Polymer Electrolyte Membranes and Devices or Electrochemical Engineering.

Andrew Herring is the President of Faculty Senate and is a 2020 Electrochemical Society Fellow. In 2018, Dr. Herring won the ACS Storch Award.

More information about Dr. Herring can be found on his faculty page.


To learn more about Dr. Herring’s research group, visit his Google Citations Page.

“I really enjoy working in this lab because we are all pretty much helping each other and we love to discuss about different concepts even though we all have different projects.”

Chris Kim

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