Colin Wolden’s Research

Professor Colin Wolden’s research focuses on the development of techniques for the synthesis of nanostructured thin films and materials and their application in renewable energy, solid state ionics, membranes, and microelectronics. Current research interests include: (1) thin film photovoltaics; (2) membranes and catalytic membrane reactors; (3) next generation battery materials.

In fall 2020, he was awarded a $1.4 million DOE-funded project for the development of composite membranes for efficient tritium extraction in fusion power plants. Dr. Wolden holds a joint appointment with NREL and co-advises students with NREL collaborators. His group also received a seed grant from the Mines-NREL Nexus partnership.

More information about Dr. Wolden can be found on his faculty page.


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“Something I like about working for Dr. Wolden is his emphasis on practical applications. In his group you will have the chance to work on cutting-edge science that still has relevance to real-world technologies. For example, in my research this has allowed me to translate the results of small-scale experiments to the design and operation of large-scale unit operations.”

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