Melissa Krebs’ Research

Associate Professor Melissa Krebs’ research focuses on the development of biopolymer systems that will allow the study of cells’ interactions with their microenvironment and that can be used for tissue regeneration and therapeutics. Dr. Krebs’ group is investigating the controlled delivery of bioactive factors and therapeutics, the presentation of insoluble signals to cells, the effect of mechanical forces on cell behavior and tissue formation, and the influence that different cell populations have on one another. 

Melissa Krebs received the 2020 Faculty Excellence Award. In fall 2020, she started a new company, GelSana Therapeutics, which will focus on the development of next-generation wound dressing materials and get them to the clinic.

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“Working with Dr. Krebs is an awesome experience. She is incredibly kind and understanding, but also very professional and knowledgeable about the subject matter that we research. Also, its really fun being one of the few biology/medicine focused labs on the Mines campus, since we are trailblazing an area of research on campus that has plenty of room to grow and thrive.”

Michael Stager

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