Joseph Samaniuk’s Research

Assistant Professor Joseph Samaniuk’s research focuses on the dynamics of soft matter and complex fluids, which are critical to understand for many applications involving energy and the environment. For example, there are challenges associated with pumping, pouring, and mixing lignocellulosic biomass in processes designed to produce renewable fuels, chemicals, and composites. He is also interested in the rheology of interfacial systems, where the interface between two fluids can be used as a construction site for advanced materials such as conductive thin films, and 2D polymer membranes.

Joseph Samaniuk was a recipient of a 2020 NSF CAREER award. He joined the department in 2016 and was awarded ACS-PRF funding in summer 2018 for his gas hydrates work.

More information about Dr. Samaniuk can be found on his faculty page.


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“[W]e are very supportive of one another and happy to talk to each other and I think we all have really enjoyed what we’re doing and at the same time we like to learn more about what everyone else is doing in the lab. So, in general, the culture is very supportive and at the same time our advisor is really great – Joe’s a nice guy in general. I’ve honestly never seen him angry or annoyed or upset and he’s very supportive in whatever you’re doing and really encourages self-driven research… if you need a lot of help or a little bit of help he’ll be there to help you along the way.”

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